Who We Are

Some people believe that Churches never change or even that they should never change. However, as a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we confess that we are “Always being made new.” This is a place where we discover what it is to be made a new creation in Christ. Advent is a dynamic and vibrant congregation where new ministries are developed to meet the needs of our world and the gifts of our members. 

Advent is not a perfect community free from conflict and able to meet every need of every person. We are, however, a people attempting to live lives that bear witness to Jesus’ presence in our lives as we face real issues in the world.


What We Believe

Our mission as a congregation is stated as follows: “Loved by God, we share Christ’s love with all.” We believe that God does, in fact, love this world and all of us living in it. We know that we are not perfect, sinful even.  However, we believe that God has revealed that our flaws and failings have been dealt with by God’s love. We also believe that we have been called to “share” the love revealed to us through Jesus. Share, not in the sense that we have something which others need – but share in the sense that we believe God has given to each of us a part to play in making a difference in the world. Each of us has a share in that work and we do our part when we love one another.

We hope this site is helpful to you whether you are a first time visitor or a long time member; whether you are looking for something in particular or stumbled up this site by accident; whether you desire to gain information, find direction, ask a question, share your thoughts or request a prayer. You are welcome here and in the community that makes up Advent. Thanks for joining us in the journey here on the web. Please feel free to also check us out in person!

What do we believe? One of the benefits of the internet is the ease in which we can deliver and search for information. We could try and anticipate every question you might have about what we believe (e.g. “What do Lutheran’s believe about the Bible?” or “What do Lutheran’s believe about Holy Baptism?,” etc.) instead we choose to give you this link to a section of the web page of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) that already does that: www.elca.org/Faith/ELCA-Teaching. We think it is pretty thorough. However, if they fail to address your question, please feel free to contact our pastor (Rev. Steven C. Bond) at pastorstevebond@aol.com.


Our Staff / Contact Us

Pastor:  Rev. Steven Bond:  pastorstevebond@aol.com

Office Administrator:  Sue Keeley:  adventmentor1@sbcglobal.net

Advent’s Parish Nurse:  Christine Noble:  adventparishnurse@gmail.com

Director of Youth Ministries:  adventymd@gmail.com


Organist: Liz Sumiejski

Praise Team Leader: Tracy Ammon

Choir Director: Doreen Mattson

Advent's Church Council

Dave Mattson - President;  Health & Wellness, Finance Ministry

Jim Williams - Vice President; Prayer & Spirituality Ministry

Thomas Knowles, Youth & Family Ministry

Lida Mackey, Christian Education Ministry

Eric Williamson, Finance Ministry

Dave Cattani, Technology Ministry

Bob Adkins, Stewardship & Finance Ministry 

Jo Brantweiner, Witness Ministry

Cherie Moore, Outreach Ministry

Denise McClanahan, Worship & Music Ministry

Karen Wallster, Fellowship Ministry

Greg Preske, Property Ministry